Come home

The Fashion Club shirt and Frame Denim jeans

In 2008, I began blogging as a way to participate in the current dialog at the time. After all, my entire adolescence had been shaped by first wave chat rooms, message boards, meet-ups, and soon thereafter, blogs.

Some time between these past two years and now I've felt a disconnect to the internet like I've never felt before. Perhaps I was "getting old" or moving on with my life. But that couldn't be right, since we as a society, are supposed to be more connected to each other than ever.

Rather, in an attempt to separate my real life from my online one, I went too far in one direction. I contained myself to the world of shopping and fashion - a reaction to the hostile environment of sharing - yes - too much of yourself online. This, coupled with the fact that I was about to embark on my first full collection for the label, proved entirely too much FASHION for me.

But the internet feels free again. Not so much as it once was; moving on a singular path. Rather, becoming so vast and tribal that one may feel free to just wear and obsess about whatever he/ she wants. Influences are the norm and everyone is, once again, viewed as an individual. It's nice.

This blog will continue to be a place where I can organize my thoughts, my wants and desires, as well as a space where I can work with and share the brands that I love - including my own. Who I am is not so much conveyed in pictures as it is in words. But fashion, to me, is as much about context as it is about object.


  1. Well, as I have been following your blog, I will continue doing so. Romi

  2. Love that you are looking at your blog in a different light (or an old one) instead of giving up on it completely and disconnecting further. It can be a hard decision when you are deciding whether to stay on the bloggers path. I can't wait to see everything from here on out!


  3. If anything, you're one of the ones who've stayed true to yourself. Hope to see more of it at a time where fashion blogging is no longer what it once was.

  4. I totally get what you mean. I actually realized I hadn't been to your blog in a while and want to look through your old archives (sorry if that sounds creepy) I was what you would call a wanna-be-fashion-blogger, I started in 2010 when those gawd-awful miu miu clogs and sam edelman zoe boots were on every blogger's foot. Seems silly now. Anyway I guess now I am rambling but just letting you know that I am still a fan of your blog after all these years!

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