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Mess it up a bit

The Fashion Club SS15 starring Jessica Mau, Jil Sander NAVY SS01, Kate Moss by David Sims

A closer look at the mood board from The Fashion Club's SS15 look book styling. This one was for hair. I knew I wanted to put bangs on Jess (note: she doesn't actually have bangs), but not the typical fringe. Instead, Abe and I went for a purposely "messed up" chop with razored ends which kept the look clean but with a nod to punk.

Although many pieces in the collection are classic and timeless, make no mistake about it, she is a rebel. To be empowered is to take many forms, but one of the easiest forms of such expression is to simply not care about looking pretty.

Now... you can go overboard and dress like a tomboy. Shop in the men's section. Keep borrowing your boyfriend's clothes. However, no matter what you wear, you cannot escape the fact that you are a woman.

And what a glorious fact that is. In my mind, she is someone who moves gracefully in and out of multiple contexts. Intelligent and thoughtful whilst sexy and subversive. She embraces sub-culture, the dark and unconventionally pretty, but remains defiantly female. And all the poetry which comes from such beauty. She doesn't want to be "one of the boys." Because only little boys would want someone who dresses just like them. Rather, she is singular; that little boys would dare to ask "do men find you intimidating?"

The answer is yes. But perhaps, not to a real man.


Fall in

Anja Rubik by Lachlan Bailey styled by GĂ©raldine Saglio for Vogue Paris

Love this photo from the October story for Vogue Paris. Actually, the whole editorial is really amazing. I "fall" for epic fall stories set amongst a lush bed of greens. It reminds me off my other most favorite fall story of all time shot by Inez & Vinoodh starring Jessica Miller for Harper's Bazaar.

Water line

Kevyn Aucoin eye pencil

So my friends don't believe me when I tell them I have to wear three eyeliners (yes... three!) at a time - including pencil, shadow, and liquid. My eyes are so small they literally EAT eyeliner. But no matter how many I put on I always make sure to line my water line.

If its too thick I feel its inappropriate for daytime. But I find just a little bit applied to the most inner part of the bottom lash line gives even small eyes like mine the definition that it needs. Now you know my secret.


Christophe Lemaire SS15

Christophe Lemaire SS15

I'll be posting some of my favorite looks from Paris Fashion Week starting with this look from Christophe Lemaire. I need a pair of tailored boyfriend jeans in white. Just a really effortless and elegant day look.


Black and navy

The Fashion Club coat, shirt, Frame Denim jeans

One of my favorite color combinations... it's just really dark and romantic to me. Mixing textures is also a favorite of mine. This time, it's silk, denim, and nylon. I usually wear this outfit with my white Stan Smith's, my hair up, and call it a day.

A Business of Fashion editor compared this nylon to Prada when taking a look at the line during private appointments this past NYFW. It is available for sale next week when we launch our brand new e-commerce... eeee!


Statement rings

RepossiTom WoodTiffany & Co.

As you might have noticed, I don't wear a lot of jewelry. Well, not the stacking kind that is. These are great to wear when you want to keep your neckline clean but still have a bit of jewelry on. To just wear one feels rebellious. And the graphic element is a nice touch. They're not cheap. But remember, you only need one.

So which one do you prefer?

East meets East End

Lara Stone styled by Melanie Ward for W Magazine

Love this editorial starring Lara Stone and styled by Melanie Ward for W Magazine. The mood is totally right for the time. That bit of Eastern influence by way of Ikebana style motifs and actual kimonos infuses romanticism to an otherwise very New Wave styling. It's sleek without being cliche.


vintage Levi's shorts

Looks like I finally took that much deserved dip. Late night swims are the best.

How to layer properly

Gucci SS15 via Pat McGrath

A return to traditional layering is always a nice welcome. Of course, I am a fan. Gucci SS15 featured many collared shirts and dresses layered underneath sweaters and jackets and finished with a cleverly tied scarf. The look is clean but feminine. A vibe I am totally into.

Hair oil

Redken Diamond Oil

This Redken oil is kind of pricy ($40) but it's the only oil I've put in my hair that has made it look and feel so much softer. I've tried others like Moroccan and it feels like it just sits on top of the hair - if you know what I mean. Daily, this is the only hair product I use. It's also great if you have extra thick and dry hair like me. I use one full dropper of it at a time.

Inspired hair

Dior F/W 2014-15 Campaign

Love these pictures of Fei Fei in the latest Dior campaign. I especially love how Duffy styled her hair: slightly tucked back with a hint of ear, stringy ends, with an emphasis on BABY HAIRS.

I always ask my hairstylist to thin out my hair like this because it is usually so thick. Currently, I'm growing out my hair to as long as possible and keeping the color natural. The natural look feels right for the time. No cheesy colored hair please.


Come home

The Fashion Club shirt and Frame Denim jeans

In 2008, I began blogging as a way to participate in the current dialog at the time. After all, my entire adolescence had been shaped by first wave chat rooms, message boards, meet-ups, and soon thereafter, blogs.

Some time between these past two years and now I've felt a disconnect to the internet like I've never felt before. Perhaps I was "getting old" or moving on with my life. But that couldn't be right, since we as a society, are supposed to be more connected to each other than ever.

Rather, in an attempt to separate my real life from my online one, I went too far in one direction. I contained myself to the world of shopping and fashion - a reaction to the hostile environment of sharing - yes - too much of yourself online. This, coupled with the fact that I was about to embark on my first full collection for the label, proved entirely too much FASHION for me.

But the internet feels free again. Not so much as it once was; moving on a singular path. Rather, becoming so vast and tribal that one may feel free to just wear and obsess about whatever he/ she wants. Influences are the norm and everyone is, once again, viewed as an individual. It's nice.

This blog will continue to be a place where I can organize my thoughts, my wants and desires, as well as a space where I can work with and share the brands that I love - including my own. Who I am is not so much conveyed in pictures as it is in words. But fashion, to me, is as much about context as it is about object.