Black and navy

The Fashion Club coat, shirt, Frame Denim jeans

One of my favorite color combinations... it's just really dark and romantic to me. Mixing textures is also a favorite of mine. This time, it's silk, denim, and nylon. I usually wear this outfit with my white Stan Smith's, my hair up, and call it a day.

A Business of Fashion editor compared this nylon to Prada when taking a look at the line during private appointments this past NYFW. It is available for sale next week when we launch our brand new e-commerce... eeee!


  1. I love that you mix black and navy together. It's a really difficult thing to pull off and definitely edgy. Most people will not mix the two because it can be difficult to differentiate the them from one another. Great job at breaking rules! That's awesome!

    Styled By Noosh

    - Noosh

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