Mess it up a bit

The Fashion Club SS15 starring Jessica Mau, Jil Sander NAVY SS01, Kate Moss by David Sims

A closer look at the mood board from The Fashion Club's SS15 look book styling. This one was for hair. I knew I wanted to put bangs on Jess (note: she doesn't actually have bangs), but not the typical fringe. Instead, Abe and I went for a purposely "messed up" chop with razored ends which kept the look clean but with a nod to punk.

Although many pieces in the collection are classic and timeless, make no mistake about it, she is a rebel. To be empowered is to take many forms, but one of the easiest forms of such expression is to simply not care about looking pretty.

Now... you can go overboard and dress like a tomboy. Shop in the men's section. Keep borrowing your boyfriend's clothes. However, no matter what you wear, you cannot escape the fact that you are a woman.

And what a glorious fact that is. In my mind, she is someone who moves gracefully in and out of multiple contexts. Intelligent and thoughtful whilst sexy and subversive. She embraces sub-culture, the dark and unconventionally pretty, but remains defiantly female. And all the poetry which comes from such beauty. She doesn't want to be "one of the boys." Because only little boys would want someone who dresses just like them. Rather, she is singular; that little boys would dare to ask "do men find you intimidating?"

The answer is yes. But perhaps, not to a real man.


  1. Lovely hairstyles!

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  3. This totally makes me feel validated for stealing my boyfriends clothes. I love the look.

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